Discover how housing associations can use intrapreneurship to unlock innovative new ideas from both their tenants and their staff. Steve McCreadie, CEO of The Lens, and David MacKenzie, Managing Director of Link Group share their insights allowing you to unleash intrapreneurship across your housing association.

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Transforming services for tenants with hearing loss

Kim and Tommy knew they faced a challenge. Tommy needed support moving into his new tenancy but he couldn't talk to Kim about his needs becuase he was profoundly deaf. Kim wanted to give him the support he deserved so she decided to learn sign language. This allowed them to communicate and make sure Tommy got what he needed from the Wheatley Group, a housing association that manages over 93,000 properties.

However, Tommy wasn't the only tenant who used sign language. With support from The Lens, Kim and Tommy secured £12.5k to prototype Project Communication which has now been rolled out across the Group, allowing them to deliver a better service to those with hearing difficulties, secure new contracts and empower their staff.

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Creating opportunities to improve mental health

It was the height of the pandemic, back in April 2020. David MacKenzie knew he had a challenge on his hands. As the CEO of Craigdale Housing Association, his fear was that both he and his team would lose touch with their tenants.

Craigdale staff have a great relationship with tenants, built up over a number of years however many were housebound and in need of support. With all the restrictions being introduced staff were worried about their tenant’s mental health. But at the same time, they knew there was a great deal of creativity within the community.

With support from The Lens, the team at Craigdale worked with two tenants - John Masson and Pat Main - who successfully pitched for £2,500. Their ideas offer opportunities to local residents to help improve their mental health.

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